Thank you for visiting. Our hope is that this website brings an insight into the profession of Holistic Care and some of the techniques offered at Rengert Health Center.

Tools and technologies to enhance an individual's ability to heal are key.  The body was designed to heal itself and by finding the right key, unlocking an individuals health potential results.
This may involve providing pharmaceutical grade nutrition,  spinal alignment, specific exercise, emotional clearing and stability, and detoxification, and Energitic Allergy Elimination

Some examples of Alternative Care utilized at Rengert Health Center are:

Chiropractic care

Ionic hydrotherapy

Erchonia cold laser

Clinical nutrition

Allergy elimination and desensitization

Emotional Polarity Technique



Men's Health

Women's Health

Standard Process

Juice Plus

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Dr. Mike Rengert, Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractor in Harrison, OHIO  45030
Chiropractor in Cincinnati, OHIO
Call:  (513) 258-6699
Call:  (513) 258-6699
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Harrison, Ohio   45030
                      Rengert Health Center

                                                      Dr. Michael W. Rengert, D.C.
                                                          Doctor of Chiropractic
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