Advanced Technology

Ionic hydrotherapy

Ionic hydrotherapy is a foot spa therapy.The device puts positive and negative ions into a tub of water that the patient’s feet are in.  These ions are attracting oppositely charged ions.  It is designed to balance the energy of the body by this matching up of ions.  In this process the cells of the body become more balanced energetically and are functioning easier and better, resulting in an elimination of toxins and waste.  



A comprehensive consultation and toxicity questionnaire are used to evaluate the extent of toxicity.  A specific three-week detoxification program designed by Standard Process Laboratories is utilized.  This involves meal replacement shakes or smoothies with a limited choice of foods and some specific supplements.  Ionic hydrotherapy is also recommended and aids in the balancing and detoxifying of the individual. 


Low Level Light Laser by Erchonia

Cold laser or low level laser therapy is a non-invasive therapy that can positively affect any and all conditions. As documented in James L. Oschman's book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, cells communicate to one another through coherent light.  

Stated in its simplest form, the cold laser is a bio- modulator.  If the body is doing too much of something or not enough of something else, then the laser will up-regulate or down- regulate it accordingly.  It accomplishes this regulation by entraining the targeted area of the body back to normal frequency.  



At the Rengert Health Center good normal foot support is crucial to the structural integrity and mechanics of the foot and entire framework of the body.  Many leg and lower back conditions are the result of poor foot support. Poor shoe quality, worn out, and or the  fit may also be involved. Imbalances of the foot might simply be addressed by re-alignment of the foot, however, there are times when the imbalance is so unstable that a corrective support is needed.  These are called orthotics or spinal pelvic stabilizers.  They are custom made by Footlevelers for each specific case or individual.  There are different models depending on the needs of each case and type of footwear that the individual wears.  They also have shoes and sandal models with the specific orthotic built right in. 


Dr. Michael W. Rengert, DC  Doctor of Chiropractic

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