I  am a 1985 graduate of Logan College Of Chiropractic. I've been practicing holistic alternatives since 1989.  I use a variety of techniques such as Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), Applied Kinesiology, Diversified,Thompson, Allergy Elimination, Nutritional Applied Kinesiology, and Low Level Light Laser Technique.

I like to take cases that all other doctors have exhausted with no real answers and no route for restored well-being. I offer Hope. I will listen. And when I accept your case, you will be partnering with me in a plan for improvement.



At Rengert Health Center, I use specific whole food supplementation to nourish and rebalance the body.  

  • Standard Process 

  • Medi-Herb

  • Juice Plus: Orchard, Garden and very importantly; Vineyard Blend



How do I determine the specific needs of each individual case?  

  • Detailed Consultation 

  • Symptom Survey 

  • Contact Reflex Analysis 




The structures, bones (spinal and extremities), joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, will be examined. Simply defined, chiropractic is the finding and eliminating of vertebral subluxations. Specific adjustments will be made to balance these imbalanced structures.  The type of technique used will be determined by each case.



Some examples of the techniques are:

  • Thompson

  • Diversified 

  • Applied kinesiology 

  • Brimhall adjusting instrument, and Percussor 

  • Contact Reflex Analysis 

  • Meridian Response Technique 



Allergy Elimination technique is a vital method of eliminating and desensitizing the body to specific substances that it is allergic to or has a severe sensitivity to.  Determining what substances the body is reacting to and then resetting the body’s proprioception to that substance is the first step. Proprioception is how the body senses or perceives a substance.  Stimulation of the sense of sight, hearing, and touch are used to achieve this elimination or desensitization.  This method does not involve any needles or skin pricks and is non-invasive.  This method does include a 25-hour period, right after the treatment, of avoidance or elimination of the allergic substance from the individual’s diet or environment.  For example if the treatment were done for a food item the individual would avoid eating or touching that food item for a 25-hour period.  If it is a substance like ragweed then the individual does their best to not be in an environment that would contain that substance.



Men's Health

Endocrine balance is a key component to a healthy individual. Stresses (physical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual) all affect the endocrine balance.

A balanced endocrine system:

Increases muscle tone and strength 

Clear thinking 

Clear skin, 

The Ability to relax





Women's Health

By looking at the overall endocrine (hormonal) balance of the women, her health and vitality can come into balance.  This allows her to become 

  • More energetic, 

  • Less stressed, 

  • More balanced and 

  • Stable emotionally, and 

  • More physically fit 



Dr. Mike Rengert

Dr. Michael W. Rengert, DC  Doctor of Chiropractic

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