Fee Schedule


New Patient:

Plan on being with Dr. Mike for an hour. You will fill out and review several forms. If your case is more than just a physical need, you and Dr. Mike will decide on a health protocol that best fits you.



Established Patient:

Dr. Rengert runs on time with little to no wait time. Your visit will include a short review of your health protocol and your physical activity since last visit. 

Adjustment, cold laser and the roller table (intersegmental traction).



Emotional Relief:

$140.00 for first hour

$  60.00 an hour after

Most sessions are kept to an hour.



Rengert Health Center keeps prices low by not getting involved in your insurance contract and filing. If you would like to try to collect from your insurance company, a copy of your receipt should be attached to your insurance form.

Dr. Michael W. Rengert, DC  Doctor of Chiropractic

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Holistic Chiropractor in Cincinnati